For you Gock Pep's.


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GSSF competition at Mid Carolina Rifle Club. Sept. 27 and 28.
You can't compete unless your a GSSF member.
But, come on out to watch the competition. There were some amazing shooters last year.

Glock vendors selling at great prices. Glock certified gun smiths were free to GSSF members but I think they were working on Glocks for free. Another vendor was selling custom molded protection for about $14.00 and 10 minutes of your time.

Come on out to watch or shoot. ... gssf-match


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Oh, ok. I was thinking it was some form of modifying the frame of the pistol for greater retention, similar to "stipling" with a heating element.


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You can JOIN GSSF and register to shoot too at the match!
SO, bring those Glocks and have a ball, it's good fun for the entire family. WOW, you should see some of these younger kids shoot, they are good.

And Ladies, stay warmed up for the next All Ladies Match. It's fun ain't it?