For Sale: Caldwell Lead Sled Solo


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Thank you for taking a look at my ad!

Hello! I'm trying to raise funds for seminary and I've decided to sell some of the firearm accessories I don't need (and in many cases, have never used!). What I have for sale is a Caldwell Lead Sled Solo.

Elevation is controlled with a single knob which makes adjustments quick and easy. These sleds are of heavy-duty steel construction and provides a secure and very stable shooting platform that absorbs almost all recoil. This particular model is great for detachable magazine rifles like the AR-15 but works jsut as well for lever actions guns. Integrated weight tray that will hold up to 25lbs. A strap integrated into the front support secures your rifle onto the rest while a rubber boot holds the buff of the gun in place.

This Lead Sled has NEVER BEEN USED and is absolutely LIKE BRAND NEW.|

Compare online at over $100; I'm asking $60

I suggest local pick-up but I can deliver if you can can cover my fuel expense. If it must be shipped I'll try to work out the details with you and buyer must pay shipping/packing expense.

I can provide any additional pictures you want upon request; just let me know!