Football, Who's your school?


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OK people sound off, who's your school and what your credentials?

I am USC man.

Sigma Chi brother, Built the float that won the 2002 homecoming parade, Gamecock Club Member, season ticket holder, haven't missed a game in more than a decade, and we don't talk about that other school at my house.


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I'm not a big sports fan, but I root for two football teams.
#1 The Packers
#2 Whoever is playing Dallas.


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I'm not much into football but FSU or the Vols are the college teams I'll watch if I have the time, As for the NFL I don't bother there all way over paid for very little talent.


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My wife is a Packer fan.

We were at the Packer vs Carolina game last weekend.
I expected to drive home so there was an annoying lack of alcohol consumption on my part.


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the wife's almamater is Syracuse university so we cheer them on
but we differ on the NFL
me = diehard Redskins
her= diehard Giants
twice a year our love life goes on vacation


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Clemson (Class of 98)
Alabama (lifelong fan)
Georgia (wife's team)

I'll watch pro games, but I don't have a team that I root for.