FNH Five-seveN ODG 5.7x28mm

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Since coming out in 2004, the Five-seveN pistol has been a subject of much debate. Designed as a backup companion to the FNH P90 submachine gun/rifle, it was at first only a LEO or military available item. The 5.7x28mm round they share was designed first as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) candidate. Along with other rounds, they were created with the purpose to penetrate body armor and still be lerhal further rhan 100 meters. For such a small bullet of maybe 25 to 40 grains, they could go over 2000 fps in the P90 and barely under that from the Five-seveN pistol. The original ammo that was made for them (SS190) is strictly for LEO and military use only, and there isn't too much available in other types out there for civilian use. Here are a few that you can buy and a little info on them:

FNH SS195 LF 27 Lead Free
Velocity: 1985 fps
Accuracy: 1.50"

FNH SS197 SR 40 V-Max
V: 1750
A: 1.50

Elite ProtecTOR Ballistic Tip
V: 2002
A: 1.25

Elite PenetraTOR 55 FMJ
V: 1597
A: 1.00

Elite VarminTOR Barnes VG
V: 2075
A: 1.25

(Measured by Oehler 35P, accuracy from one 5-shot group from off-hand)*

The arguments about this pistol will continue on for certain. If you have tried it, you probably like them- those who haven't will usually be on the other side of the fence. There aren't too many stories about them in action out there. You can't deny that it is easy to carry, is very accurate, large capacity, and reliable though. If you think it might be undergunned as a self defense pistol, it sure isn't. Anyone want to take something moving around 2000fps, even if it is only a 40-grain bullet?

* Ammo info from Combat Handguns Magazine, vol.31 no.1

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Early model with enlarged trigger guard


Field stripped


Later model with regular trigger guard and picatinney rail


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Isn't the ammunition available to the civilian population downloaded to reduce it's propensity to penetrate body armor?

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There is some pretty good stuff still available out there. A couple of FNH's ammo types are available on the civilian market. There is another source that a friend tested with less than glamourous results, don't know what brand it was though. However, the types from Elite Ammunition(see stats at beginning of thread) seem to be pretty tasty(and most likely pricey) for Five-seveN consumption. Here's a link:


A higher priced animal with a somewhat expensive taste- yet an easily employed and user friendly pistol for nasty self defense capability. From personally holding one I thought it to be extremely pointable with pretty decent sights for quick targeting. With a 20 round magazine fully loaded they still feel pretty light, and now there are 30 round magazines available as well. They are obviously too good(and too dangerous) for the likes of Moscowchusetts, even with the less dangerous 10 round magazines that can be had- which makes them even more lighter and faster in rapid employment!

I wonder what kind of holsters are available for them?


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I'm just curious, is that considered a rifle round? or was it always a pistol round?
.357 sig aside, I thought one of the characteristics of a necked down bullet was that it is primarily a rifle shell. I know that there are carbines that shoot pistol rounds, like a 9MM or a .4o.

Where else has that bullet been used?


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When it was created in the late 1980s, the 5.7x28mm originally was part of the PDW(Personal Defense Weapon) program that Fabrique Nationale(FN) was working on. It is kind of a hybrid submachine gun/ assault weapon ammo and weapons system resulting in the P90. The Five-seveN pistol resulted from wanting a backup weapons system for the P90 that used a common ammo. The new H&K 4.7mm round and the MP7 which uses it are a similar system that came out later on. However, the only firearms that use the 5.7x28mm round are:

FN PS90 rifle
FNH Five-seveN OSG pistol
FNH Five-seveN USG pistol
AR57 rifle(conversion kit)