Flea market find


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Had to go to the flea market down the road from me to pick up some military winter clothing from a friend who sells it there. On the way out I see this sitting on a table with a bunch of dvds, I ask the guy how much and he says 40 bucks :eek: to which I offered 20 (which is just below average price), After a long pause it was mine for 20. :mrgreen:

Heres a question: How many of ya collect bayonets for your rifles?


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Hey Buddy: You get hard up...I will give you back your $20.00

I have the bayonets for my AK-47, and my Mosin-Nagant M-44....My wife makes me take the bayonets off the rifles...

She says all those rifles in the house is bad enough...They don't need knives on them too...

Oh well...I would probably hurt myself with a bayonet on a gun....



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Nice find, and it looks like the bladeis in great shape.
Once I found a bayonet for a Japanese Arisaka with scabard for $20. I still have it with my Arisaka.

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For a short while, I was buying bayonets from a local auction for peanuts. Once I got the bayo, I HAD to buy a rifle to go along with it!!

But to answer your question - I always try to find a correct bayo for any military arms I own.