Flashbang Bra Holster?


I hope I'm not resurrecting too old a topic, but as I just recently come across this particular holster myself I thought I'd weigh in. My first thoughts were "No...they're kidding, right?" I can't speak for all women, but I know more than a few of us wear a bra for support - the idea of slipping part of my gun underneath 1 bra cup's underwire sounds not only extremely uncomfortable, but how is that actually going to LOOK on women who have a fuller bust? I tested this theory - I looked like Quasimodo in reverse, with one of the girls riding noticeably higher than the other. Granted, while my gun is classified as "compact" it was not intended for this particular style of concealed carry, but even with a smaller gun, I think it'll be...well, odd looking.


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We got one for the Kel-tec P3AT, and last time I wore it I had an issue with the magazine well poking out. Granted, I'd just had a baby, and it probably wasn't intended for a nursing bra, but I had problems getting it to conceal. It wasn't too uncomfortable, actually, aside from the sticking out part.

Seems like a good idea in theory, just might need a bit more tweaking.

I'm planning to work on some outfits and holster reviews for women sometime this week, because I've heard so many guys say their women don't carry, generally because of wardrobe issues. I want to share how I manage this. It won't be anything stupendous, but maybe it will help convince some ladies out there that they can carry without buying a whole new closet.
It'd be great if you girls want to chime on how how you carry, what holsters you use and what you wear.


As someone who's very new to carrying at all, let alone concealed (haven't gotten my permit yet, so I practice in the house) I would LOVE to see how other women are carrying on their person and what wardrobe work arounds they're coming up with.

They make holster T-shirts that look to be geared more towards men, but have any women tried them as a layering option? I've been strongly debating on ordering one to see how it would fit & work on my frame, since that could possibly work as a layering option for summer too. Those drapey, sleeveless vests over one, maybe?


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I already have enough weight hanging off my chest, no need to add more...

Currently, I use a flatjack holster from Dragon Leatherworks. It conceals great with just a tshirt.

I am looking for something new though, as I have had trouble with my current setup in the hot weather (I'm an Alaska girl and not used to this!). I've heard good things about fanny packs for that.


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Caitlin already knows I have a crossbreed supertuck that I'm in love with, but for those of you who don't, I have a crossbreed supertuck that I'm in love with LOL :)
I carry my XD9 SC in it, and I have the full sized in horsehide leather with the fuller cut. Seeing as it gets carried every day and is removed/put on several times per day it's getting scuffed up but it hasn't shown any other signs of degradation.

I used to carry our walther p-22 around the yard in my bra, loaded with snake shot, in a generic Uncle Mikes "grippy" fabric holster. While it worked and I was able to successfully conceal it, it was not ideal. My main issues were that it's a slow draw, it made my bra quite constricting, and it had a decidedly uniboob effect even with an underwire.

Of course, the point is moot now as I have my crossbreed and my xd9. :D