Firearm Storage


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I read a post by Shrapnel762 asking for advice on getting surface rust off firearms stored in less than ideal circumstances.

This got me to wondering, how would one prep firearms to store in a dry but unconditioned space?
How often would one need to wipe down and re-oil to prevent damage?


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I don't store many for a long period, but, the best I have found is Rem oil. I think you need something with silicone for long term storage.

My Browning Hi=power sees the light of day almost never. I have used the Rem Oil on it since the day it was new, and, after 23 years, it still looks brand new...Makes a believer out of me.

I might coat it once or twice a year, if I shoot it...other than that maybe once a year...



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I've got an old Colt SAA that was stored in an old farmhouse without heat/ac/insulation

it was made in 1911 and the farmhouse was built pre-civil war

the pistol was kept in a leather holster for several years and that was stored in a cardboard box...


no has no rust and no pitting

I know it was kept like that longer than I've been alive (28 years) and hasnt been shot in longer

not saying its the best method...but it worked for this gun


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Midnight Raver said:
Does that holster have a shoulder strap? Looks pretty cool, not bad at all for their age! :ugeek:

thats exactly what it is...some old shoulder holster that allowed you to just pull down on the gun and it breaks free from the holster


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Frost said:
Was that pistol prepped for storage or was it just luck?

pure luck

judging by the condition of the other firearms left from my great granddad...this one was just lucky...

in the same house there was a Savage Humpback 12ga that came out ok, a flintlock musket that is NOT in good shape, a little .22 revolver that is rusted and pitted BAD, and a mossberg .22 rifle thats a bit newer and in decent shape