Glock Finished my Glock 34 tonight


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Dawson Adjustable Sights
Jager Extended Steel Guide Rod
Jager Ultra Light Striker
12 pound recoil spring
Wolf Spring Kit
Ice Magwell
Lone Wolf Ported Barrel
Lone Wolf Trigger Stop
Lone Wolf 3.5 Connector
Glock Marine Spring Cups
Polished and Re-contoured Trigger
Polishing associated with 25cent trigger job.




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Even for a Glock...that thing is bad assed...

I like the looks of the Porting holes. They are cool...



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Thanks guys.
Yes Dirk, you gave me the idea. (what should I build next?)
I still need to get a holster for it.
The porting makes a very noticeable difference.
More than I expected actually.
I will have it and the long slide 10mm at ShootzenFest.

Glock 17L

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I love that adjustable rear sight you got on the G34 Frost..
I bought a .205" tall & .105" wide dawson fiber optic for my 17L & installed a FREE Glock factory rear adjustable & love the sight picture I got so much that I put a Hi-Viz on my 26 & installed a custom fiber light pipe to match my 17Ls..



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I like those high viz sights.
If the ports in the barrel did not blacken the front sight in just a few shots I probably would have used one.
As it is I don't have to worry about blackening the front sight :roll:

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Yeah You'd melt the light pipe right out with the ported barrel quickly..
Wouldn't last one magazine..

You gotta love those long slide Glocks..


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I want to eliminate blisters on my finger. I tried the smoothing job but can't get it to feel right, always a bit uneven.


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It's really more a matter of better rather than perfect.
I think the only way to get a really good feeling trigger surface would be the total elimination of the trigger safety.
I actually considered removing it and filling the hole with epoxy.
It might be ok on a range gun but God help you if you ever had an accident with it.

Glock 17L

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On both my Glocks I've removed the trigger bar & put a toothpick into the back side to hold the safety forward & sanded the safety & contoured it till it is exactly flush when depressed & then smooth the whole trigger face & safety with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper..
The trigger safety still works 100% & is much nicer to the trigger finger after those 300-500 round range trips..
Here's a couple of pictures but it really doesn't show what's involved

Smooth Faced G17 Trigger in 1999 Gen3 G26

1990 Gen2 Glock 17L & a Few Rounds of 9mm Para

Glock 17L

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When I get home tonight from the gunshow I'll take an old G19 Trigger Bar & get photos of making the safety flush & smooth to try an help someone else out wants to try it..
It's pretty easy & will only take five minutes to recontour the safety & smooth it, I won't waste the time trying to remove the target serations as this can be done by just swapping the whole trigger bar for a full sized one or swapping the face if you have a G36..
A couple of small pieces of sandpaper & a toothpick will be all that's needed & a little time..

It really helps from the tip of your trigger finger getting sore & will still function 100% as factory.