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I have a AR lower still in the white (bare aluminum) and I'm wondering if I could leave it that way. Has anybody done this or know of one done this way?

HHB Guns

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I can paint it aluminum or I can put a coat of clear on it after I bead blast it. That will protect it.


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I don't know about aluminum but I have a pair of 870s that have no finish at all on them.
They are just bare steel, I wipe them like I would a blued gun and they have not rusted.
One of them has been without a finish for almost 3 years the other for about 2.
I keep meaning to get HHB to parkerize them but just never quite get around to it.


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Hm I might take ya up on that Henry. I still have to put the serial number on and logo I want on it then it will be ready to do some sort of finish I'm just not sure what yet.

Steve the powder coating might be too thick on a lower, That was a thought tho.

Frost the upper this lower will go on has the barrel bare metal and it's still like new after about 500 rounds through it so far. ;)


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Pops said:
how do they preserver firearm parts and pieces when they are jewelled?
as in putting the swirled finish on a trigger.

examples of jewled finishes


Most of the parts that are jewelled are either stainless or hard chromed so you don't have to worry about it. The only triggers I've jewelled were 1911 (including my own) and I've never had a problem with them turning. I do use a little renaissance wax on the parts I jewell though,it really brightens them up and I imagine it helps preserve the look of the alloy parts.