Taurus Finger-groove oversize grips for Taurus 905 ?


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IF THIS LINK LOADS SUCCESSFULLY --- Here is a picture of grips like in want to buy : viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3350&p=20071&hilit=%24310%E2%80%A6#p20071. The photo to look at is the SS 905 offered at $310.00. The seller does not say what company makes those grips.

I sent a PM to him --- "ghalm001" but maybe he does not check in to the forum very often. So, can anyone give me a source for those grips ? I can use a Dremel to do some custom inletting, and make holes and a screw/fastener for middle of the grips Left-Right sides.

BUT TAPPING THE BOTTOM STRAP IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE. Thanks in advance for your help.