Final #'s for 2011 Deer Season

HHB Guns

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So who got the biggest rack for 2011? Who had the heaviest Deer? Who has the most meet in the freezer? Who is ready for Aug 15, 2012? lol

My processor said they had a nice 12 point this year, the heaviest was 242Lbs, My wife, Me and two of my Kids wound up with 15 as of tonight. My daughter killed a doe tonight while I was sleeping. I hadn't slept since Friday morning at 5 am so needless to say I was crashed in the stand until .450 bushmaster rudely woke me up. We got 14 off 5 stands on 30 acres and my daughter killed one in Savannah at her boyfriends. We have one more youth day on the 7th with my son.

I have been truly BLESSED this year. So how did everybody else do?

P.S. Please don't ask how much my processing fees were this year. Its a sore subject. LOL


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Only 1 for me this year, a doe. It should have been 3 but I can't cry about it now.
I did take a coon & possum while hog hunting - at least the 300 Blackout got some use.
Looking forward to some hog & coon hunting real soon.

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thebrasilian said:
Will start the squirrel hunt soon.

I couldn't resist. I already started last week. My daughter was itching to go so I took her. It was blowing like gail force winds and we got there 30 min before dark...She ended up seeing and getting one. Coyotes and Squirrels are at the top of my list right now. Its funny how one season stops and another starts.


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Only 2 for me, but 2 more than I got last year. family already had the freezers pretty full so passed them along to some friends that were not so fortunate.

Henry, if you want to tackle one more lesson next year for your deer meat, I actually have a walk-in cooler, stainless steel prep tables, meat cuber, grinder and deli slicer. I'd be glad to show you how to do the bulk of your meat for free.. we still send a bit out for summer sausage, etc, but we're mostly partial to the cubed steak and loin slices. The hamburger can be saved for burgers, chili or spaghetti, or you can add a bit of pork fat/beef fat and sausage seasoning. Depending on your freezer preferences, you can knock down the processing bill quite a lot.