Favorite Shotgun

Crunchy Frog

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On the assumption that “favorite” means a shotgun that I own, as opposed to one that I’d like to own; I’d say the SKB 100 side by side. It was a very nice bird Gun when I bought it. Now it’s cut down and slicked up for cowboy shooting.


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I love a good double barrel shotgun. The looks and just classic look is awesome.

This thread is for just the shotguns we owned or have owned :)


I really liked my Remington 1100 but just sold it this weekend. Reason being that I just bought a Remington 11-87 left hand premier. I'm not a lefty but have poor vision in my right eye which has me shooting left handed. I think it will be my favorite now.


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I have a couple of shotguns that I really like...Benelli Super Black Eagle, Beretta White Wing O/U but my favorite is my Remington 1100 that my mom bought my dad for Christmas from the Sears catalog in 1968. It had a fixed improved cylinder barrel. The thing still looks great and shoots like it did the day it was bought. I still shoot it once or twice a year dove hunting. My father passed away six years ago. Every time I shoot it it takes me back to when I was 9 or 10 years old out with my dad in the woods or in a field. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it.


I was willed my Dad's Browning Auto5 that was made in Belgium. It was a kicker alright. I gave it to my brother for safe keeping since he has a big safe. I suppose my fav is the one I use now, A Maverick Security 12 Gauge, 8 shot. Simple pump action that is oh so reliable. A 12 gauge is probably the best all around firearm.



I have two choices for a shooter:
For an autoloader, I love my Remington 1100's in 12 and 20 gauge.
For a pump, my choice is the Remington 870 Wingmaster in 12 and 20 gauge.

For looks and sentiment, I love my Browning Belgian Auto 5 in 12 gauge, but it is strictly a collector's gun, not a shooter for me.


I now have a Stoeger Condor O/U 20 ga. Haven't shot it yet but looking forward to finding out how my old shoulder can handle a 20's recoil.



After 12 years and hundreds of rounds, my Mossberg 930SPX is still reliable and cycles everything I have put through it.