Fall ShootzenFest! December 1st 2012


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Sep 26, 2009
Hello All!

The Fall ShootzenFest has been scheduled for Saturday, December 1st 2012 at Philson's Crossroads Rifle Range in the Sumter national forest.
We will bring a grill and dogs and soft drinks etc. If anyone wants to bring something to contribute please PM Pops and let em know by November 15 or so.

Disclaimer . . .
As always the National forest rifle ranges are public ranges and we're a group of citizens meeting at the range on a Saturday.We need to give the locals a chance at a lane. We are individually responsible for following all Range and Firearm Safety rules. We need to clean up our brass after ourselves like we would any other visit to the range and shoot at paper targets ( no car fenders or glass bottles etc. ).
We often see a lot of rare and interesting firearms at these outings and their owners are usually quite generous in letting others shoot their guns. If you want to shoot someone else's gun, as a courtesy it's good to bring new ammo to shoot.