Electronic Target Practice


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I intend to get a Wii or a Xbox or whatever if I can get a decent pistol for shooting at stuff.
I think it would be good for point shooting practice.
I would use a Glock but I am pretty sure the wife would get mad when she could not watch Green Bay play.

What do y'all use and how well does it work.
What is the accuracy like?
Trigger feel?


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I've looked at some of the wii guns online and haven't been very impressed. I mean for toys they appear decent, but past experience with gaming systems tells me they're not like a real weapon.
Unless you're planning on playing other games with the system I'd probably go the route of something like this http://www.laserlyte.com/Laser_Training_System/LT-1/LT-1.html that lets you use your own weapon for practice. Even with purchasing the special laser target board (sold separately) you're probably just about even with the price of the wii, the game and the gun controller package. And you're not limited to just practicing in the living room and pointing it at the tv.