Duracoat Question


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I have a number of firearms in need of a new finish.
Hey it happens when you keep guns forever, even when you take care of them stuff happens.

I had been thinking parkerize but all this duracoated stuff I keep seeing sure looks nice.

I have read where some people parkerize then duracoat, is this the normal procedure?

I have a few questions about how durable Duracoat really is.

Is it resistant or impervious when it comes to gun oil and bore cleaner.
Does it chip?
Does it peel?
How scratch resistant is it?
Does it need to be wiped with oil or should it be left dry.

Would there any special precautions I would need to take in caring for it?


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I am curious about duracoat also. What limitations are there on patterns? For instance, can you do something like a denim pattern on a ccw gun?

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Frost, Parkerizing is not needed but some people want it. its just an added cost in my book. It just helps get the surface prepared with more grooves that the duracoat can adhear to. I have only parked a couple before duracoat and I don't see the need for it. Needless to say none of my customers have complained with or without it.

As for the peel, chip, scratch....It is very durable. If you drop it down a mountain I can guess its going to scratch but if applied correctly it will not chip or peel. The key is prep work. It must be degreased and media blasted properly so that it can adhear. I havent had any guns come back yet so thats good news.

I use SL duracoat which is teflon based so oil is not needed. You can add it if you want but the gun will not rust or corode with duracoat. The SL was designed to spray on moving parts to reduce friction but goes on so much nicer that Lauer decided to phase out the regular duracoat in the future.

I will tell you like I tell all of my customers. From the day its applied put it in the safe for 30 days and forget about it. Lauer suggests baking to enhance drying times but they also say that full curing takes about a month. It is more likely to scratch in the first month since it is still soft.

I have done many and to this day...Knock on wood...I havent had any guns brought back with any failures.

Lauer says no tough solvents for bores. Some will eat the paint. They say if you can get it at cabelas or walmart your prob good. You can always call lauer and they will tell you before hand what not to use.

Hope this helps.

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jmt2566 said:
I am curious about duracoat also. What limitations are there on patterns? For instance, can you do something like a denim pattern on a ccw gun?

Patterns are endless. If you can get me photos of deisgns in PDF or JPEG I can have templates made, then we just decide on the colors.

Not sure about the denim.....I think that would be a little out of my skill. I do however have an airbrush artist that can freehand paint. He did my rifle stock with skulls and snake skin.