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Looking to get some ideas for our DuraCoat projects. We are looking to buy some new guns and DuraCoat them...Give us your thoughts on patterns, colors, designs, so forth. What are the make and models would you like to see done and what would be the best scheme. We can get templates for just about any JPEG or PDF. Dont forget about your sports teams. Lauer has rights to just about all teams and can make templates. With 198 colors the sky is the limit. If its metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass it can be DuraCoated.


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Are cammo patterns the only thing you will do?
if I give you a pattern, what kind of file format do you need?
It might be interesting to do something on one of my personal guns.

I see a lot of rifles, can you do smaller weapons?


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Camo patterns or one & two color guns are mostly what we do. You can add as many colors as you want though. The price will depend on how many colors you add. We charge $25 to the onle color price for each color added.

We can do large or small guns. We just took a SS bersa and coated it flat black for a police officer that carries it on his ankle. The sky is the limit.

PDF and JPEG are the two file types that we can send to Lauer for templates.
I a custom tribal design on my walther p22, with just black and artic gray. I think it looks good, but Henry is ANTI Tribal, so he didnt like it, lol