DPMS LAR-308 With extras for sale $1,500.00

This is not your typical ar15, this is chambered in .308 or 7.62x51 and is made to deliver a heavy fast round very accurately.
Like new condition, Full length barrel with Knights Armament rail system
Grip Pod Systems foregrip with Bipod. Real deal, not the Chinese clone junk
MagPul PRS Stock for the AR-10 (allows for the length of the charging handle) This stock has the adjustable cheek weld and but plate.
Standard Iron sights and has been laser bore sighted
Hard case with pick and pluck foam that has been customized for this rifle. Similar to the pelican 1700 case but made by Plano. Very good quality case, durable and lockable.
2 Factory DPMS magazines included
This thing is a tack driver.
Email for more pictures. Or text.
This set up is worth around $1,900.00 retail. So I know my price is a good deal. No tire kickers please. ?

Face to face purchase only, either in a public place (like police department parking lot) or similar. Buyer must have a valid and current conceal carry permit, SCDL or be Military or Law Enforcement. I reserve the right not to sell it to you if I don? t like your haircut, attitude or any other reason I might have. ?
Eight Four 3-224-nine one 94 Put SR25 in the subject line if you email me.
Merry Christmas to all. (I don?t say happy holidays, I?m not PC and ??.well, you get the picture. )


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BenMara said:
Location would be nice...

OOp no CWP guess i cant buy it.....

Easy now he has the right to sell it anyway he wants.

RegularGuy you might want to put in your location it would be helpful.
OOps, SCDL was supposed to be there too...........I'll fix that in a minute.

Location: Summerville/Goose Creek

Thanks guys