DOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well, I had my DOH moment of the year yesterday. I was outside on the porch cleaning my pistols, (just my 1911 and Baby Eagle), got all done and put back together correctly (or so I thought)(was ummmm distracted by new neighbor walking HER dog) loaded up a mag for the eagle (.40) and when I released the slide,,, BAMM,,, had put the freaking firing pin in upside down (is possible with these),, all my neighbors come running out to see who I had shot (they know me ohhh so well :twisted: ) Luckily I always point the pistol in a safe direction when I do this,, so other then my pride,, no harm done,, course it will be some time before anyone comes in my yard,, and I think the neighbor won't be walking her dog near here anytime soon... :cry:


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I hope she was a hottie.

Good for following safety procedures.
They exist for a reason.

A smart guy I knew 30 years ago told me there are two kinds of people.
Those who have had an AD and those who are going to...

I also knew a guy who shot himself in the leg lowering the hammer on a 1911.
I bet he wished he had kept it pointed in a safe direction.

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A buddy of mine managed an almost Darwin Award level AD. He managed to shoot himself in the leg with a Ruger Blackhawk .44 Magnum while trying to play quick draw McGraw...

what a dumbass. :roll: