Do-it yourself magazine "Slick-Up"


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I have found these tips to be quite valuable with surplus rifle magazines (and others as well). It's help me many times and even avoided repairs and alterations to the weapons themselves.
Using a Dremel Tool with a stainless steel wire wheel, a nylon wheel, and a fabric polishing bit.
If the spring follower jams or if there is a hang up from the feed lips, try this before any other costly repairs. Only try this on METAL followers. It's worked on CETME/G3, detachable SKS, AK, and FAL metric mags.
Disassemble the mag and remove any lube or storage grease from all parts with cleaner or solvents. Use the metal wheel to remove any rough spots or scratches from inside the body and on the follower. Polish all with the fabric bit then use the nylon wheel. I coat the polished parts with TetraGun grease (no particular reason for the brand, I know it works). I leave them overnight and then wipe clean.
Reassemble properly and see if it works.
Hope it works for you, if it helps just one person it's a worthy cause. Let me know if you have any other questions. If you try it let me know outcome either way.


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I'll have to look out for some of the nylon wheels to put in my box of accessories. I don't remember seeing those anywhere around here.


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I found a 200 piece dremel kit at an auto parts store for 20 bucks. Lots of bits including nylon, steel and brass wheels and brushes. Great find.


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I've never had any issue with magazines to require this. Every few years I might take apart a couple magazines and wipe them clean but I've never once experienced a magazine malfunction as you describe. If I did, I sure wouldn't rely on it ever again outside of a static firing range. Magazines are cheap and ubiquitous. If one fails you, ever, for any reason, mark the magazine conspicuously and use it for training only, no matter what corrective measures you take to get it to function reliably again. There's really no reason to ever give it another opportunity to hiccup.


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These were all surplus mags, most covered in grease. I started doing it because I had a CETME a long time ago and found mags in bulk for 10 bucks each. Then they pretty much disappeared or started to run about 25 bucks each. I didn't take them to battle, they went to the range. I ran each one fully loaded 10 times. Ones that passed went to one bag, the rest to another until they passed as well. I felt after 200 rounds each they were/would function.
For my FAL I only use Styer mags or DSA's own mags. Just ordered a few 30 rounders to try out. There's no manufacturer name, just metric marked.
Not looking forward to the loaded weight or prone shooting, but I'll deal with it.
Mag prices have at least doubled in price from the late '90s.
Paid 14 each for FAL mags in '06, now they go for 20-30 each for 20 rnd (Styer) and 25-40 for 30 rnd (surplus and soon DSA brand).
Price makes me do the mag "slick up" thing.