Diamondback 380


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I picked up one of these at ATP in Ladson yesterday:

I know they are unproven and new, but i took a chance. I was on the fence between the LCP and TCP. I held the LCP and DB380 and the sights and ease of takedown on the DB380 won out. 54 rounds of ball yesterday and no issues. Cleaned and ready for 50 more today, then two mags of silvertips to see if its carry worthy. I know I should run more thru it, but we are talking 380. The mag is very nice, made in Italy by ACT, the same people that make the 1911 Novak mags i am fond of, it helped seal the deal.

It is very Glock like, as i understand it two employes of Kel Tec left and set up shop down the road in Cocoa Beach.


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I like that. I like the glock-style takedown as opposed to my P3AT's very clumsy pin. How much are they going for?

Keep us informed as you put more though it. Check out the thread I started about .380. ".380 online-god expierence" or something like that is the title.


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McDaniel- Thanks for pointing out the link, looks like a good deal.
Price was $419.00 + tax MSRP $430.00 , price should come down as more are available.

This afternoon we ran 78 more ball and 12 silvertips. 1 stove pipe, 1 failure to pick up cartridge, 3 shooters, 2 grown men and a young man of 12 years. 12 yr old fired more than the grown ups and had no failures, grown ups one failure each. I think the stove pipe was operator error as much as i hate to admit it, limpwristed, after it did'nt pick up from the mag every mag was tapped and no more problems. No failures with silvertips. Accurate at 25 ft, 25 yards not so much but you could still put em into the boiler room at that range if you do your part.


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It looks pretty close to the P3AT in size.
Do they have more of them at ATP?
I would like to hold one.


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I want to check them out too. I saw one at a gunshow two weekends ago, but I didn't have the cash to risk fondl . . . examining it any closer. I like the little pocket .380s out there . I agree they are not "man stoppers" but they sure feel good when you put your hand in your pocket and remember you have it with you. They are so small even I don't realize I have it on me.

The Taurus is a fairly new comer to the market too. The close-ups of the Diamond Back look a bit "Glock'ish" that is a good thing too, in my opinion.

I shoot mostly range rounds in Keltec P3at. The finger hook makes a huge difference. I'd like to see what kinds of extras they make for it.