Deer Regulations new for 2019


There are a couple of new regulations for deer hunters to know before the 2019 season begins.
The first concerns use of natural deer lures and attractants. In an attempt to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease to SC deer herds, these are specifically banned for use in SC with the beginning of this season. Synthetic lures are still permitted. Also, lures (urine, etc.) that you personally collect from deer harvested in SC are permitted.
The link to the DNR release is here:

Also, there is a change to the tags for antlerless deer. You can read about it here:

Not bad rule for antlerless deer program, get 2 tags and begin harvesting starting Sept 15.
l usually get 2 antlerless deer tags so if I see a sick or fragile deer, I take it out of the gene pool.