Deep Sea Bottom Fishing

HHB Guns

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Dec 13, 2009
Summerville, SC
Man I had the time of my life yesterday. Went offshore in my buddies 36' contender cuddy cabin. It was a fridged 22 degrees when we left. Needless to say I was dressed in long johns, sweats, jeans, and coveralls. The seas were flat ass calm. We went about 45 miles offshore where the water was about 100' deep. Within minutes we were limited out on large black sea bass. We had seven people fishing with four hooks each rig and before the rig would hit the bottom you would have four huge sea bass on the line. Man I wish I had a boat and could afford the fuel to do that everyday. I got two one gallon ziplocks full of fillets. I got way more meat for my $80 in fuel than it would have cost me to buy it in the store as a whole fish for $10-$12 a pound.