Daycare Help!


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The wife and I are both in law enforcement and work odd, sometimes opposite shifts. We need options and help with daycares that can keep a one year old from about 5AM until 7PM and a 7 year old from 5AM until school starts and then again after school until 7PM.

All the places I called are from 6AM - 6PM! There have to be some first responders or servicemen that have run into this problem before!

Any help will be appreciated!

John Canuck

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I've done some fairly extensive research into the child care industry, and I doubt you will find any that keep those hours. There is just no profit in it for them. I hope someone can help you out.

You would be better off with some private help. The website is a pretty good resource if you want to go that route. Good luck.


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FWIW, if you have a home church, ask there.

most folks are short on money, and if they have a kid your kids age, they are set up for it, and can take him in when needed.
and if they have kids your kids age, they can't work full time, so they would prolly baby sit for you.

i know one of my friends is between jobs now, and she would prolly do it.

keep asking around