Daughter of the desert


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Well guys, my daughter is on her way to Iraq for her first tour. Should be boots on the ground sometime in the next 24 hours since they like to stop so much on the way. Ya know, I've been twice and will go again without a second thought (prolly by June), but it sure sucks to be the parent, and it's only just begun. So y'all please keep her in your thoughts for the next year. Now, I need a beer.



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We will keep both of you in our prayers here. Thanks to both of you for your service, I appreciate the freedoms that you keep secure for all of us.

My sincerest gratitude,


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As said before. Thank Both of you for your service...

Our prayers go out to her and to your family...

You both shall not be forgotten.



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Midnight Raver said:
Don't worry, she'll be fine!

What branch and what job does she have?

She is an A/C technician in the Army. Stationed at Ft Riley, KS. I don't know if she will be doing A/C work though, she thinks their mission is to process equipment for re-deployment to Kuwait and US. Part of the draw-down process.

Thanks guys.

For anyone in the Summerville area, the Summerville Christmas Parade is Sunday, December 12 and they chose my theme this year, a tribute to troops serving overseas. They will tape it and send copies to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The jeep club I'm in is entered, we do it every year. Y'all come watch.


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We will pray for her and for you! :)

Thank you both for your service!!! It's people like you that make me proud to be an American!