Date for Spring ShootzenFest

Vote for a Day for the ShootzenFest

  • May 21

    Votes: 11 84.6%
  • May 28

    Votes: 2 15.4%

  • Total voters
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The Spring ShootzenFest is going to be held at Boggy Head Rifle Range in the Francis Marion National Forest in Awendaw, SC

May 21 or 28 are the two choices.
May 28 is the weekend of Memorial Day so that has a double consideration, it is a long weekend, but it is also a holiday weekend adn a lot of people do Memorial Day activities on the Saturday prior to May 31.


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Looks like I am massively outvoted!
I am going to be out of state with my son to see his band play @ Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. on the weekend in question. Oh well, I guess I will go next time.
(I don't suppose there is any chance that the next one will be here in the lowcountry too? ha, ha!)

lafayette gregory

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I voted the 21. A holiday weekend would complocate things for me. Too much traffic, too many people, more expensive hotel rooms.. etc.....
But, I will still hold both weekends open ;) both


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Crap I may have voted wrong.......................anyway I can't make the 21st I have another commitment that day.


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I've received a lot of off-line comment from a lot of people who can't make the May 21 or May 28.
I'm not set in stone on either of these dates.

How do we feel about June 4?

it would actually be better even for me since My work has me going to Wilmington to move a warehouse data system near the 21.

I'm going to lock this and see if anyone has a better feel about June 4
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