Daily Internet Deals


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Here's a couple of Web sites I frequent looking for deals:

http://www.dealsergeant.com/ Used to be one deal a day, now several deals every couple of days.

http://www.ballisticreload.com/ One deal a day, updated at noon.

http://www.dvor.com/ Deals on higher end shooting stuff. You need to be a member to login, by invitation only, but still free access. PM me your email address and I will send you an invite. UPDATE: I found you can just click this link to get an invite: http://www.dvor.com/s/74ll2l.html

Please post any others you know of.


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Nice post...You cost me $34.00 this morning...I went to dealsarge.com and had to buy one of their range bags...

Just what I needed....one more place to spend money...the wife thanks you...LOL



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@Fordnut - I saw them and thought of you . . . I didn't pull the trigger on that, but did get some of the targets on Ballistic Reload.



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Wanted to update my original post...

I got the range bag today.....I am IMPRESSED....this thing is huge...It is, from what I can tell so far, very well made...I have 2 pair of hearing muffs in 1 end pouch and the other end have pair of binoclures and another pair of muffs...

Still have lots of space...It is great...

The shipping was rough, but, that is just life with the fuel prices and all....(The DAMNED DEMOCRATS)...OOOPS, Sorry...

total with shipping $34.00...$12.00 Shipping...

I would recommmend getting one...or 2...they are nice...

Wonder if the wife has seen the credit card bill yet...maybe I can sneek another one by her....


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Today: pistol cases and cleaning kits at Deal Sergeant, inside pocket holster $7 at Ballistic Reload.