Da ShootzenFest Vas un Blast!


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Had an excellent turnout and a great time, Got to see some friends and meet new ones as well as put faces with names. Many thanks to all who came out and special thanks to Pops, Frost and Fordnut, Steve those were some killer dogs.


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I had a lot of fun as well. It was nice to meet y'all, i hope next time ill remember who is who but i doubt it. Thank you all for the good time in letting me shoot yer toys :).
As always with get togethers like this, I had a great time. It was good to see the low country guys again and if you plan on a fun Saturday in the near future, please let me know. Thanks for inviting me and for the great lunch.

And a word to the wise; don't ever let Schultz drive your Deuce; he scares the [email protected]*#t out of people thinking they're going to get run over! :shock:


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Two thumbs up here............uhhh I mean four thumbs up since by buddy Jeff had a good time also. I think his Sten was a big hit second only to the Thompson!

Got to meet a few more members which is always cool. Best of all was my stuff ran today, it's a good day when nothing breaks!

Most folks, myself included, don't realize the work behind the scenes when we have one of these so thanks again to Frost, FordNut & Pops. Also to the sponsors for helping defray the cost.


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Thanks to everyone for sharing their toys. I got to see and shoot what I had only seen pictures of previously. Loads of fun and lots of smiles, but my shoulder is swollen thanks to Frost. I well definitely try to attend the next ShootzenFest. Thanks to all for sharing information about different weapons.

Big kudos for all responsible for putting this on! It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to put something together like this.

Thanks for the shirt, patch and the miniature?? hotdogs!!


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Clicker said:
Two thumbs up here............uhhh I mean four thumbs up since by buddy Jeff had a good time also./quote]

Hey, I can speak for my self (JK).

I was great meeting you guy. Thanks for the great food and comrodery. Yeas I know I can't spell.

thanks to all,


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Andyrv6av8r said:
And a word to the wise; don't ever let Schultz drive your Deuce; he scares the [email protected]*#t out of people thinking they're going to get run over! :shock:

ROFLMAO! That guys eyes were quite big even tho we were probably ten feet away from him. :lol:


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thebrasilian said:
Wish I could have made it.

"This post is worthless without pictures!!!"

JMT2566 took some pic's and video. Pretty sure some will be posted at some point.


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I do have about 10 video clips (mostly of my son Joshua!) firing several of the toys that were there. I do not know how to post video on here. I am going to send them to Pops to post soon.


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It was the most fun I have had with my pants on in a long time.
I enjoyed meeting all of y'all.

I really enjoyed shooting the fast toys thanks much.

Those really are some killer hot-dogs.

These events keep getting better and better.
This is the third one Pops and I have done and so far is the best.
Hopefully the low-country guys will pick up the gauntlet and not let y'all out do them.
I am already looking forward to the spring Shootzenfest.

I wish someone would mention how much fun we had over on the Carolina forum.


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Josh wanted me to say thanks to all who shared their toys & their time with him, he had a ball!

I also wanted to thank everyone for being so good to us - I think that we are lucky to have such a great group to do this with. I am definately looking forward to the spring event.

Is the spring shoot going to be in the Charleston area again?

Thanks again, Jeff & Joshua

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+10 on the GREAT time!! It was cool meeting everyone, and THANK YOU to everyone who shared their toys.

THANK YOU to the sponsors and THANK YOU the the folks that did all the extra work with cooking and feeding everyone!

Next shoot, we need some targets. Will DNR allow us to erect a 4x8 sheet of sheetrock so we can pin some targets too it? Use some 2x4's pounded into the dirt and screw the sheetrock to it. Then everone can pin some targets to it. Heck, a full sheet only costs $5 and it will totally decompose (whatever we don't manage to rake up). Just an idea... Another idea would be some bowling pins set up on top of the 25yrd berm. Just ask any bowling alley if they have any old, dead pins that they want to give away (you'll be suprised how many some of them have). They make great targets and they tend to stay intact, so cleanup is easy.

THANK YOU again to all the great guys there!

aka The General

lafayette gregory

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Well, What a hell of a nice day. Glad to meet everyone and have so much fun. Looking forward to the spring shoot. Can't wait to see the vids. Maybe I will have that reising running right next time. See you guys soon. LG