CWP Class in the upstate

Here is a list of things for the class:
Class Cost: $100
Note: This class package does not
include the $50 SLED registration fee

Pre-registration is required

What is covered
? Basic firearm construction and operation
? Ammunition construction, identification and ballistics
? Easy to understand safety rules
? Fundamentals of firearm shooting
? Proper firearm storage
? Use of deadly force and South Carolina firearm laws
? Range instruction and demonstrations
Free assistance in filling out CWP
What to bring:
? The firearm you intend to carry
? At least one hundred rounds of factory ammunition
? Personal eye and ear protection,
? A belt and side worn holster for your firearm
? A current SC driver license (please make sure your DL displays your current address).

Silent Bob

Well-Known Member
These folks run a first class operation. I have known the for years and have rarely seen dedication that rivals theirs.