customer service is NOT dead !!!


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Five days ago while pulling bullets my impact bullet puller split down the middle. I immediately found the website of the manufacturer and sent an email stating the age of my puller (3 yrs), How often I use it (1 to 2 times per month), and what happened to it ( it broke). Within 5 hours a response from them was in my in-box. The message was very surprising. They said that the warranty period is one year but given the light use it experienced in my possession they would replace it for free. I received the replacement today!

Customer service is not dead!!

Battenfeld Technologies, the parent company to Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools is a topnotch company that proves the above statement as true.

Several years ago I broke the one I bought from RCBS and it took 3 months to get a replacement. But to their credit RCBS did quickly ship a press part that I broke when I dropped it.


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Awesome! So nice to hear that companies still value their customers. We're looking at reloading equipment, now I know which company to look to. Thanks!


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I have had Excellent luck with customer service from RCBS and Dillon.
Dillon is famous for their no bs guarantee.