Glock Custom Glock Engraving


what I want to know is 'do they engrave custom artwork? or just their own list of pre-scanned flames?'
I'd like to get one engraved with something personal. kind of like getting a tattoo without the permanent part.

I have a personal motto: Semper Questio Veritas. I wonder if they will engrave that?
or a tribute to Ronaldus Magnus?



Thanx for bringing this back to the top.
I just went to their website and requested the pricing and details for custom laser engraving.
I have a logo for the forum I may have engraved on my Glock 22.

I also have a shotgun I inherited from my grandfather I'd like to have engraved with his name and dates.

I wonder of Henry at HHB does laser engraving along with the duuracoating and parkerizing?