CSI Las Vegas funny


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On Thursday past I was in the gun room sorting brass while watching CSI on the tube. The cop and the CSI were inspecting the crime scene and picked up a casing from the floor. Cop says "5.7x28, never heard of it", CSI also is dumbfounded by the caliber. Bring in the "gun expert" who states that this ammo isn't available in the states and is for use only in a military specialty weapon.

Imagine my surprise as I count out 235 5.7x28 cases, that I picked up at Boggy Head , and package them to ship to a buddy up north!! :eek:

I get steamed a bit when TV shows, sometimes John Q. Public's first source of gun culture info, are so darn in-accurate! :evil:

Also the holes supposedly left by these bullets were as big as those normally made by a 45ACP !!!!