Concealed weapons make a difference


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I realize I am preaching to the choir here but incidents like this one are why I carry a weapon. I am sure this student didn?t walk out of the house today expecting to need his weapon, but carried it ?just in case?. And when I see stories about how we need more gun control (see Mayor Bloomberg?s recent rants) these are the stories that pop into my head. I will be perfectly honest. I would be more than happy to carry my weapon for the next 50 years, and to never have to draw it. But I?ll still carry it for those 50 years, just in case I need to.


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In the video they mention that his girlfriend moved out today and has dropped out as a result of the incident.
Ironic that if he lived on campus he would have been unarmed and probably would have been shot anyway.


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Did she move out because he used his weapon??? Or, because the neighborhood was going bad....I would hope it was the latter.