Concealed Carry Outfits


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(Finally...I have been meaning to get this done since...well, that's not important, lol. Our son is teething now, so he's taking really short naps, and not very many of them.)

I've heard lots of women say they don't carry because they don't have the wardrobe conducive to concealing a weapon, and they don't want to buy special clothes just so they can carry.
The good news is, you don't necessarily have to! With the right holster, you can conceal with your every day clothes.

Holster: Flashbang Bra holster
Gun: Kel-tec P3AT
Thoughts: This holster isn't uncomfortable, and maybe it's because I was using the second longest strap and a wireless bra, but I had trouble keeping it from slipping and having the magazine well poking out and making a funny lump under my shirt. As long as I kept a good posture though, it stayed put, and was completely invisible. This would be a good option if you're wearing a skirt and don't have a thigh holster.




Holster: Sneaky Pete
Gun: Kel-tec P3AT
Thoughts: This holster slides onto your belt, and the flap is secured magnetically. It's pretty comfortable and doesn't look like a holster at all. It comes in several different colors, so you can be dressy or casual, and you can choose different sizes for different guns.




Holster: Crossbreed Supertuck IWB
Gun: Bersa BP9
Thoughts: This holster is probably the most comfortable IWB holster I've ever worn, and I love it! It's very easy to conceal, whether you wear a looser shirt or a more fitted one.







Holster: Black leather thumb-break OTW(brand unknown)
Gun: Bersa BP9
Thoughts: This holster slides onto your belt, and you will need a sturdy gun belt to help hug it close to your body. I prefer to OC around the house with this holster, but you can conceal it, and it's comfortable to wear since it's outside the waistband.





Holster: Quick Draw by Tague
Gun: West German Sig P220
Thoughts: This is my husband's gun, and a bit too big for me to comfortably wear, but I wanted to show that you can conceal a larger gun. It does take a little more work, but still do-able.



Holster: Blackhawk Nylon OWB
Gun: Bersa Thunder CC
Thoughts: Another slide on the belt holster. The advantage of this holster is that it helps break up the shape of the gun, so even if it prints a little, it's not immediately obvious it's a gun.



Holster: Blackhawk Ankle holster
Gun: Bersa Thunder CC
Thoughts: This is my BUG carry rig, and it's pretty comfortable, although if you have the option to get a holster with some kind of fleece backing, I'd recommend it. Some of the elastic/nylon/stitching can get a little itchy, but re-positioning the holster can help. I love that I can wear sweat pants and still be armed!






Since it's winter, I wear cardigans a lot. I plan to do another set of pictures with more summer time clothes when we get closer to spring.
I also ordered a thigh holster, which should arrive in a couple of weeks, so after I get that I'll add more pictures.

Ladies, if you have any tips or secrets that work for you, feel free to contribute!


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I've found that an excellent way to experiment with various positions for carry is to get a belly band. It won't work for testing out ankle or shoulder carry of course, but it's infinitely adaptable around the torso. I wore it a hundred different ways before I decided which ways fit my body best - then I went out and got nice holsters for that type of carry. The belly band itself is great when you're wearing skirts, dresses, or anything else that doesn't have belt loops.


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Very well done. Mods need to stickie this post as a reference thread for new CCW Ladies on the site.


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Thanks for all the work that went into your holster show...It was very informative...

It is hard to beat the way the weapon disapeared with the inside the waist band holster under the blue shirt...that works great.

Do you actually wear the ankle holster??? I have had a couple and just couldn't warm up to them..



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Yep, I wear it almost every day. The only time I don't is when I'm wearing a skirt or something. For which I will soon have a thigh holster! :)


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Lot of good examples there. I'll have to show My wife this one.

I still struggle getting her to carry her BG.380 with her when she gets out of the car in most circumstances. Her shape (ie butt) and jeans limit her on how she carries. SOB isn't real comfortable for her. IWB doesn't work well either since she usually tucks in her shirt. Pocket carry is out of the question. She will carry using a Tagua In The Waist holster (very useful and inexpensive holster BTW) if she is working (standing) and wearing a coat. She only does it then b/c I insist she has it on her.


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Well Done! I'm envious of your wardrobe :) I really like the sneaky pete, I'm looking for an lcp or an lc9 and I think it would be the ticket for it. Any thoughts on clip vs loop option for it?

Russel, what holsters has she tried, and has she played with cant, depth of ride and where she positioned them on her body? I ask because just a little tweaking can make the difference between not working at all and a really good fit.


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Well, I finally got my thigh holster in a few weeks ago, and got around to taking some pictures for y'all. I ordered it from, it cost about $77 with S/H, and took about 3-5 weeks (IIRC) for them to make and mail it from the time I ordered it. They say on their website it can take a lot longer, but I guess that's part of the whole "under promise and over deliver" thing.


This holster was made for my Bersa Thunder CC.


The only thing it lacks is some form of retention; generally it's not an issue, but you definitely don't want to sit on your butt with your knees up. The gun can and will slide out. I've not had any retention problems standing, sitting or walking so far.


It's pretty dang comfortable for a thigh rig, and semi adjustable.


I can generally wear this for most of the day before I even begin to feel like taking it off. I can sit and walk without any issues or discomfort while wearing it, and the quality is pretty good.


Holster in action, sans gun.


I think positioning is a big part of comfort and concealment; when I wear it in that "sweet" spot, I don't have to worry about it poking through my dress/skirt, and the mag well isn't stabbing me in the other leg.


I don't have my gun for these pictures only because my husband borrowed it for the day.


A better view of how it 'functions'. There's a second garter strap on the back of my leg.


All in all, I'm very satisfied with it. It holds up well, it's comfortable, and it was pretty affordable for a custom made holster. I definitely recommend Dove Holsters.


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Enjay said:
Well Done! I'm envious of your wardrobe :) I really like the sneaky pete, I'm looking for an lcp or an lc9 and I think it would be the ticket for it. Any thoughts on clip vs loop option for it?

(Wow, can't believe I missed this! Mea culpa :oops: )

Thanks hun! Now if I could just get my summer wardrobe to be as diverse, haha!

I liked the Sneaky Pete; we had the belt loop, which I wasn't a big fan of. I like things that are easy to take on and off. Never got to experience the clip option, but if I was going to get another one, that would probably be what I'd spring for. The belt loop was definitely designed for thin, narrow belts, IMO.


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Have you ever considered the Cell Pal, you can find it on the internet. I was thinking of one for my wife and myself. There is also the Ghost belt. It was developed by a couple from Myrtle beach, they sell them at gun shows and on the internet. My wife uses it sometimes. It is made out of nylon. One advantage is that you can pull the trigger and shoot through the holster if you need to.


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That's the first time I've heard of the cell pal. Interesting!

The Ghost belt looks perfect for someone I know. She's slightly disabled, and it looks light weight enough that she could wear it comfortably. Thanks for the suggestions!


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I had one of those cel phone carry holsters. Had it for a week and then sold it to Frost...It didn't work for me.. I don't know if Frost ever tried it...

Neat toy, but, still a toy.