Conceal Carry Gun Recommendation?

I may be in a position to have 600-700 to spend on a replacement primary carry gun, the Keltec P3AT is my backup.

Right now I have a RIA Compact 1911 as my primary, but that may going bye bye to fund a lighter weight carry weapon. I prefer the replacement gun to be .45 ACP, as well.

I am torn between an officers sized Kimber or something along the lines of a Glock 30. I love the slenderness of the 1911s but love the simplicity of a Glock. I was looking at the Glock 36, but the slide seems to be almost as wide as a Glock 30. I liked the feel of the a .45 XD when I held one, but can't remember the thickness when compared with a Glock 30.

Any .45 recommendations?


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I would go with a Glock for sure.
Other than being thicker the 30 with a ten round magazine is the about size of a Glock 19 / 23
It's hard to argue with 11 rounds of 230 grain HST.

Have you shot the 30 and 36 in a side by side comparison?

People who have talked so much smack about Glocks they can't admit they were wrong buy XDs.


Active Member know me...Kimber all the way...but, you would have a hard time finding a commander sized Kimber that weighs less than your Rock Island.
You about have to go to the 3" version to get a weight savings...

Also, again, My Openion, but, I would go for the Glock 10 times before I went with the XD...

I easy question...How many Police Departments have you ever seen carry XD's///something to think about..

I would take a long Look at the S&W M&P .45...I had one and loved it. It was a great shooter and almost as slim as a normal 1911...and, 10 rounds of .45 ain't nothing to sneeze at.



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Well, I will talk smack about Glocks! I carried one for over 10 years, and while it was a nice pistol, I had to have a grip sleeve installed so I could keep a proper grip on it when I fired it, and I am not alone in this fact. I have carried an XD subcompact for several years now and would highly recomend one. I di dnot have to change 1 thing about it. VERY accurate, it shot sub 3" groups at 25 yards standing! Oh, and the reason why no PD carries them,, Glock offers a better department price and then there is the "reputation".


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You mean you aren't supposed to have to put grip sleeves on them?
Gosh I have Hogue or Pachmyer grips on all but one of my 1911s and on all but one of my revolvers. :)
Just for the record I am not a hater, I have an XD, good gun shoots well.
Did I ever tell y'all that when they designed the Glock 20 /21 they used a cast of my right hand?
Just kidding of course, but they fit me like they did.

I think looking to make a choice between a Kimber and a Glock you can't really go wrong.
It's too bad you can't make ShootzenFest.
You could shoot Steves Kimbers and my Glocks.

Have you tuned the trigger on your wifes Glock yet?
If not you need to try the trigger on one of my Glocks, especially the Race gun.
I think Steve was impressed with the Race gun considering it's a Glock.


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Frost, I put grips on most of my pistols, just makes getting the proper grip in a quick draw that much easier. But I had to put them on the Glock, the grip did not fit my hand, and I could not get a proper alignment without them.

I have shot Steve's Kimber, it is a GREAT pistol, if I had the $$$$ I would own several. :D
I have shot all 4 generations of Glocks and th eonly one I would have is a Gen4, RTF. But as I donot have your guys's $$$$$ :D I must make do with what I can get for cheap. So far I have been able to pick up a used Baby Eagle in .40, a RIA compact .45 (new), a XDM compact 9mm (new), and one of my first pistols ever, a Model 586, 4". The most I have ever paid for a pistol is well under $600. Maybe 1 day I will be able to afford a Kimber,, either that or Steve can get me one for Christmas.. :lol:


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The grip sleeve is a standard first round thing I do when I set up a Glock.
I guess that's why I don't think about them anymore.

Whats that? Something you eat? :)


th ething I like most about the Golck is that I can carry a full magazine in my G27, but I can keep a much larger capacity magazine in it at the house. Yea, it looks funny with the longer mag sticking out the bottom, but it does the job and I don't have to have two guns. I also recommend the LoneWolf 9MM conversion barrel, you can shoot cheaper and even use a 33 rounder for your "reload". That way you get two guns in one.
To make it even better they have a .22 upper for the G27 for plinking and point and shoot practice. Now you have 3 guns in one!



Just buy you a glock in whatever flavor you prefer. You'll end up there anyway.

Why not move to a .40 or a 9mm? You'll get better mag capacity and the slimmer frame is a lifesaver if you plan on IWB. If you have to go .45, then I'd want the single stack.

As far as the reason you have to get rid of the 1911, do you think that you will ahve anough weight savings to carry any of these options? Might a pocket pistol of some flavor make you be able to carry a lot more comfortably? I know you have that p3at, if you aren't comfortable with that as your main carry would you consider an airweight or an LCR in 38+p or even .357? Any of these options will allow you to get the weight off your belt, if needed, but still allow for IWB should you want it.

I can let you borrow a couple holsters to check the fit of a 9mm glock and a 45 glock to see how they ride IWB and OWB. Not something you could normally do, but it might help you make a better decision.

Just trying to offer a fresh opinion.
I think I just made my mind up today. Glock 36. I went to see Bob over at the Upstate Armory Group and tried some handguns out.

My compact RIA 1911 (3.5 inch) weighs 33 oz without the mag! The Glock 36 weighs 22.5 oz with the factory mag. It was a pretty big difference to me. The 3 inch Kimber I tried was tits, but I think I'm going to go with the Glock 36 and get a Kimber later on this year.

The LCR or something similar has been in my mind as well. They are just sweet little revolvers to me. Every few weeks I try to find a good condition used LCR at a good price, but can't find too many on Armslist or any local forums.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
I know I'm late to the party, but did you check out Kahr? I have one of their PM9's (9mm) that I carry every day and love it. You can get the PM series in .40 or .45 as well.

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Gotin Drachenhart said:
I know I'm late to the party, but did you check out Kahr? I have one of their PM9's (9mm) that I carry every day and love it. You can get the PM series in .40 or .45 as well.
If I am not mistaken, you and the wife have both carried a Kahr for like at least 5 years now...

if my feeble old memory still serves me correctly, that is. :mrgreen:
Yup, about seven years for me. I carry the little PM9 and she carries one of those superalloy no-hammer five shot SnW revolvers in .38 or her CZ75B. I also still carry my Colt Series 80 but, I'm kind of an average build (5'7") and it's tough to conceal a big frame on my person all season.


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Gotin Drachenhart said:
I know I'm late to the party, but did you check out Kahr? I have one of their PM9's (9mm) that I carry every day and love it. You can get the PM series in .40 or .45 as well.

Ditto on the Kahrs. I have a K40 elite. It is a great little carry piece.