Columbia Gun Show this weekend


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Went to the Columbia Gun show that was at the National Guard Armory. It was a smaller show than at Jamil or the fairgrounds. Has many new vendors that I have not seen in the area before. But for me, prices are still to high. They had a good balance of stuff there. The mosin nagant's were between $99 (for ones I wouldn't touch) to about $119. One dealer had a nice selection of tactical weapons. Kriss, Keltec shotgun ($1800 if you wanted to know) and others. They did have some empty tables.

I did take my daughter who's 4. She had a blast. She gave a $1 to wounded warriors and bought raffle tickets for police dog armor. She saw some pink Taurus 738 and told me those were for here when she got older :). She did get a little mad at me. After we got back in the car, she reminded me that we were suppose to get her a pink hat from Guns and Pumps.