cleaning out the holster drawer.


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Ok i admit i am a holster junkie.

some of these i got in trades others i bought and just didn't suit me.

1. safariland leather paddle holster ( like new) fit's sig p220,p226,p228.p229

2. Bianchi OWB paddle lock holster (like new) fit's sig p220,p226 p228,p229

3.Galco SOB holster fits 3-3.5" 1911 (officers mod. springfield compact,kimber ultra etc.) (like new) $55

4.Galco LH IWB or RH small of the back fits small Glock (26,27,33,39) $40

5.brand unknown nylon leg holster has 2 mag pouches fits 1911 , large frame autos $20

6.Bianchi shoulder holster used with a full size Sig should fit any large frame auto
$35 (like new)SPF

7.D.M. Bullard custom "texas carry" holster LH iwb or rh small of the back

(New only worn 2 hrs. ) (custom made ) $68

unless marked all holsters are RH

shipping $6 per holster ( can work something out on multiple holsters)

usps money order or paypal