Cleaning Firearms


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What do you use for a bore cleaner?
For most of my life I have used Hoppe's 9.
Lately have been using a 50-50 mix of Hoppe's 9 and Kroil.
It seems to work better than straight Hoppes to me.

I run a brass brush through the bore then swab with a saturated patch and let it sit overnight.
This seems to be optimal for cleaning the Saiga shotguns.
The Kroil does seem to be hard on some paint though so care must be taken.

The only problem other than losing some touch up paint I have encountered so far is the scent.


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Here's my routine.

1.Swab with a lightly saturated patch of Hoppe's #9
2.Run brush down bore dipped in Hoppe's (I have a second bottle for dipping the brush in)
3.Run a couple dry patches through
4.Repeat a minimum of 2 more times or until the patches start running clean. (varies on how much I shot that particular piece that day)
5. Finish with a patch sprayed with Strike Hold protectant.


What the what Frost? You spending hard earned money for store bought stuff, shame, shame.
I figured you for an "Ed's Red" kinda guy. I've been making Ed's Red for a few years now and while Hoppe's is perhaps better in some regards I love the fact I can save money and mix my own.
I use Slip 2000 carbon cutter too.


Frost said:
I sure would like to get a sample of Eds Red from you to try.
I am all about cost saving.
I'm all about spreading the love so I guess I could come up with a 'lil sample fer ya.


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I have always use CLP Break Free.

That is what the US Military uses so it must be good enough for me...