Charlotte Gun Show


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I went to the Dixie Knife and Gun Show at the Metrolina Fair Grounds.

It was a very good show. Kind of reminded me of the ones right after the election.
I had to stand in line about 20 minutes just to get in the door.
It was a jammed packed show with loads of guns, ammo, and accessories.
Lately I've been looking at the AK47's and the AR15's. Because of this recent familiarity I think I noticed them more than usual.
I normally just look for parts for my projects and Glock stuff.
A conservative estimate is there were at least 400 or more AK's and AR's in the building for sale.

There were several booths that had multiple tables lined up with them in evey configuration and in every condition.
AK's ran from about $450 up and AR's were in the $650 range and up. I even stumbled upon a full auto AR15 priced at $10,900.00. Mint condition.
I wished I had my camera.

It was a great time though!

Did anyone make it to the Columbia show?


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Pops, wish I had known you were going I would have liked to meet you. I was there as well. I saw WASR 10s as low as $389. The price on AKs has fell through the floor, not as much with ARs but they are coming down a good bit compared to a year ago. Something I have noticed is that complete rifle prices continue to fall, but parts not so much. I mean parts and accessories are coming down a bit, but not at the same rate. Looked like ammo was still coming down a little at a time, with the exception of .380. I saw one 100rd box of it priced at $100!


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I don't usually go to the NC shows, I hate the thought of falling in love with something and having to jump through hoops to get it.

A general comment though is that I have noticed a lot of firearms and ammo dropping in price. However a lot of what I call "newbie" gun owners that jumped in the pool during the panic buying when prices were being run up are still whining when no one will buy their firearm at the price they paid for it or a little less.

Pretty soon, if Clinton does not sell us down the road with all these treaties she is signing, things will come back to a reasonable state in regards to ammo and firearms.


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I've been told that Congress has to ratify any treaties Clinton or H'Obama may try to sign, (not certain how all this works), but if we keep after the House and Senate, we may keep them from causing too much havoc.

I've learned to use the internet to email my representatives on a regular basis. When they do the right thing I write them a letter, sigh it and mail it to them thanking them for standing on the side of Americans rather than their party.

As I understand it long arms can be purchased across state lines and transfered imeadiately. Only handguns require jumping through hoops.
So if you go to a show in Charlotte and see a rifle or shotgun you want, they'll still call in the background check, but you can take it with you without having to transfer it through an FFL.

Does any FFL here have better information on this?


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I know it sounds like alot. But when you think about it they just got 60 for the healthcare. How hard would it be for them to pressure some of the newbies into voting for a ratification?


I'm going to post two lists.
All the democrats who will be forever known for being responsible the disintegration of the US
and all the Republicans who sat by and watched it happen.

I know my senator was not in the news for being arrested because he was raising hell on the whitehouse lawn.

This list needs to be disseminated so it stays in history. It's the least we can do for them after all they've done to us.