Charleston GSSF Classic Shoot Oct 29 - 30

Yea, another one here in SC!
Because the Oxford match was cancelled we're grabbing the date to have a match at the Palmetto Gun Club here in Summerville, SC.

Shooters, as always, this is a fun match with lot's of paper and steel to pop and I think the weather will be good for the match.

Come on down and get a taste of the Charleston hospitality that weekend. This is our first GSSF Match that our club has hosted. While we do have plenty of help we could use some experienced RO's if anyone wants to help out. And of course you'll get ya name in the hat for each day you work for a free GLOCK as well as the other RO give mes.
Had a good turnout and enjoyed the differences in weather both days. Hope to see another next year.

All the workers did a great job helping make this first time adventure a success!