Change for Moscowchusetts!!!

Midnight Raver

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Well, Ted is gone, but certainly not forgotten. :?

However, last night's election for a new Senator brought us this:

His name is Scott Brown

He is a Republican

He drives a truck

and he's heading for Washington in it!

Perhaps we will get some guns back into the right hands once again soon...


Maybe there IS hope for us now. :cool:


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Got some good friends in Mass. Best wishes to you all for the "change" we NEED desperately. I am glad to see the old phrase "you can't fool all the people, all the time" is ringing true. Glad to see the politicians exposed for what they are. Seems like we may be taking our country back to where it should be. Congrats to Scott Brown!! Let's keep it rollin'!!

Midnight Raver

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Hoping that 2010 is the bounce back year for my family and hopefully this state(hoping for the whole country this year is a bit too much!). Next step is the Governor here- Denzel Obama loves the guy. He's done enough damage here as well, it is a good chance he will NOT be continuing to run(or should I say ruin) this state after the election this year.

Damn Demokrat Kommisars! :evil:

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Kazhrei said:
Vote Bumble in 2010! :D

I hope your state is able to get its head out of its backside now. Good luck.
I Don't know if the state could handle ME as the Governor- I would be making too many decisions that would make sense! Thanks for the vote support though, Kazhrei.

Just thinking what my campaign pictures would look like made me laugh my ass off! :lol: