I've got a CETME rifle, I had it out at Twin Pond last Sat. tryin to show it off to a buddy. Well, needless to say I had problems with it hanging up. No, It wasn't very clean when I started out, (1st redflag). The mags got dirty (2nd redflag). It works real well when its clean, (I know, rifles always do). As I'm cleaning it, I got to wondering about polishing the bolt carrier and the reciever where the bolt rides inside the rifle. It doesn't seem to be to much to handle.

Has anyone out got any tips on going about this? I want to do this myself, as an ego boost project. I don't wanna pay to have it done. Also, is it even worth doing?


I don't know much about the CETME's other than they're related to the HK G3's. I can tell you that a dirty chamber in the HK roller locked rifles will create a problem.

I don't think I'd worry about polishing the carrier since good 308 ammo seldom has trouble cycling the action. Instead get busy cleaning the chamber flutes, I assume your CETME has a fluted chamber.

I use lacquer thinner on really filthy guns just be careful of the fumes and avoid getting it on plastic or wood and skin. HK offers a special chamber brush to scrub the flutes but you can use a bronze bore brush that's a hair larger than a 308 case.

I know on the HK's the bolt gap is critical to proper operation. The 308 guns are not to finicky about the BG but I'd still check the BG. My G3 ran with almost zero BG but I've since installed larger rollers to bring the BG up to the lower range of spec.

Lastly make sure you lube the BCG along with the trigger pack parts and recoil rod.



I have a HK tobacco can cleaning kit for it, it has the chamber brush in it, it does a bang up job on the flutes in the chamber. I've not had any FTF or FTE problems when it slams into battery. ( as long as it's fully in battery ). THe metal parts just feel rough, and I wanted to slick it up.


Thanks to all for the helpful advice. I've decided against the polishing job, and leave well enough alone. One of you guys asked me to check out militaryfirearm.com. A great wealth of info and how-to's. Thanks again guys.


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Please tell us what it is doing when it is hanging up. It may help us to help you a little better. Do not take that as being sarcastic, I'm just trying to get a little more info.

As stated above clean the internals real good, and check the gap. I checked around and the gap should be between .3 and .5 millimeters (about .012 - .020 Inch). If it is a Century check the bolt, it may have been ground.