CDNN Ammo Sale


Prices are not bad either. Unfortunately, none of my calibers show on that flier. I'll check it out online and see if more is there.

Thanks for the heads up.


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you can get those 223 green tip at some walmarts. 420 rds on stripper clips in a 30 cal ammo can $149. no shipping.

that tells me that component prices should not rise.

just being out of iraq should loosen up components. being there and afganistan was supposed to be the reason ammo went up a few years ago.


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I can't find 308 on the shelf for less than $18/box, except at (ahem) PSA. I'm in the upstate anyway; anyone know of any hidden spots? There's got to be a local spot better than Academy and (again, ahem) Wally World. I would like to support my local business community, but not at my own expense! Maybe I'll find some at the gun show in Greenville Feb 11.