CCW requirements

lafayette gregory

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My interest was sparked by a discussion on another board.

In the ideal world no permit would be required to carry, concealed or open, auto or home or anywhere else.

But, as we all know we do not live in an ideal world.

So - In today's world what is best.

Option one --A CCW permit that requires a proficiency of use test, "capable of hitting the target with your pistol" a safety test, alongwith with textbook testing about the laws and safe and proper use of a firearm? Class provided by trained professional firearms specialist in seff defence.
Option two-- Only have an Id that proves residency and be able to pass the requirements of the federal NISC.


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Have them train to carry concealed. This does not deny gun ownership and may protect innocent by standers. Based on the folks in the CCW class I took, less than half were proficient with the firearm they brought to the class. Some of them were scary. The laws pertaining to self-defense are such that more than a cursory glance is needed to keep you out of jail. For gun owner ship there should be no barriers save passing a background check. I've thought about the drivers license analogy, but we see that hasn't prevented "stupid" or criminal use of automobiles. Voluntary training is best and necessary. Under pressure, we are less than half as good as our best day at the range. We should all take refresher training each year just to maintain our skill levels. That said, no one should be denied the ability to defend against criminal intrusion or "animal" attack., but if you carry you need to know what you're doing. Just humble my opinion.