casting boolits


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I cast a little bit for my muzzleloaders. If I ever get serious about reloading it would be interesting to try casting some others, but some 308 handloads are all I reload. It's a lot of fun to cast lead balls. The only store bought equipment I use are the molds. The lead gets melted in an old frying pan, a small stainless steel ladle that is too small for any use in the kitchen pours the lead, and the skimmer that I use I made years ago for casting aluminum and pot metal.
You can use the side burner on your grill, a really good hot plate, or if you don't mind sleeping outside (alone :shock: ) the kitchen stove.
Don't forget the goggles, face shield, welding gloves, heavy boots, common sense etc.


I have a few homemade tools as well, I use a Lee pro 4-20 bottom pour for my furnace I cast for several handgun calibers , It can be fun


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Oops, I didn't see this post when I responded to your 9mm posting.
Yes, I cast for several rifle and pistol rounds as well as buckshot for shotgun.


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I have been casting for a little while. mostly for bolt guns. just loaded some up for the sks. I heard 13 or so grs of 2400 wouls cycle the action. hope to try them on sunday, if the weather is good.
I use an old iron skillet and a hot plate from wal mart. lee seems to be the most economical molds and I get good enough results.

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If can ever get out of the hole and scrape up some money, I will probably be doing some casting myself. Figuring on going with the Lee molds as well, .60 balls and miniballs for starters. I have an 1850 .62 double barrel caplock pistol that I am dying to fire off. Either that or I will buy some 20 gauge shot holders to go for the scattergun loads first! :twisted:


no matter which way you shoot that gun it sounds likeaBlast, let us know how she shoots, I looked at a kit somewhat like that a few years ago and was interested in what it would be like to shoot it


I cast for some of my pistols. For Valentine's Day my Ol' Lady gave me an RCBS SWC mold in .41. I have yet to use the mold or gun (gun is still on lay-a-way :cry: ) This past weekend I cast about 200 or so RCBS 270SAA which is a Keith design. I love shooting those bullets, so does my Vaquero.


I know this thread is a bit old but thought I'd add to it. I cast for a few pistol calibers such as 38, 9mm, 40 and 45. Casting simply allows me to feed the hi volume guns w/o feeling guilty about spending money on jacketed projectiles.

I pick up wheels weights for free and use credit card points to purchase primers so my only real cost is powder and bullet lube. When I crunch the numbers I can shoot 9mm & 45acp for less than than 22LR bulk pack. Sad to think how 22 rimfire ammo costs have doubled over the past several years.