Carolinas Wild Bunch Shootout

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The Walnut Grove Rangers in Ellenboro, NC are hosting the second annual Carolinas Wild Bunch Shootout this Saturday April 28.

Wild Bunch Action Shooting is a spin-off of Cowboy Action Shooting; the Single Action Shooting Society is the sanctioning organization of both shooting sports.

Loosely based on the movie “The Wild Bunch”, Wild Bunch Action Shooting is a multigun game using firearms of the type in use in 1913: a 1911 .45 caliber pistol, a lever action pistol caliber rifle (.40 caliber minimum) and a 12 gauge pump shotgun (Winchester 1897 or Model 12).

We use lead bullets on steel targets. Wild Bunch matches often feature reactive targets; a power factor of 150 is required.

Spectators are welcome to come and check out the match.

We are working on creating more opportunities to shoot Wild Bunch in the coming year.

Crunchy Frog

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The 2019 Carolinas Wild Bunch Shootout is coming up later this month; this time the venue is the Gunpowder Creek Regulators’ range in Lenoir, NC.


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I've never done competition shooting. I would love to attend but I always feel a bit intimidated.

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That’s very common. The good news is that most groups are happy to help new shooters. Everyone there was in your shoes at one time.

If a club in your area holds Steel Challenge matches, that is a great introduction to competitive shooting. The game is pretty easy to understand and you can use just about any pistol. There are divisions for Rimfire rifles as well, so you can get started often with what you have on hand. If you shoot a Rimfire Pistol you don’t even need a holster.

Cowboy shooters pride themselves on being welcoming but being a multigun sport there is a good bit for the new shooter to absorb.