Carolina Gun Talk going dark...


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Don't mistake this for carolinashootersforum.

The name is similar but a lot of the people aren't.
I received this the other day and it saddened me.
This was a forum full of friendly guys who made me feel welcome.
The administrator allowed me to invite people there to this forum unlike at "yonder".
I am going to miss them and hope that some of them find there way here rather than be forced to go back to "yonder".

Here is the message I received.

You have just been sent a personal message by SinObyte on Carolina Gun Talk.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.

The message they sent you was:


By the end of this month, September, I will be shutting down the forum due to lack of use. It is not worthwhile to continue to fund this forum. Unless something changes, such as alternative funding, I will terminate this account.

Thank you

I got that message too. We should go over there and invite all those guys here. I think most of those members live between SC border and Charlotte.


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I think it would be better from the guys that hang here than from an administrator.
Y'all should invite them and make them feel welcome.


tell them to join us at the ShootzenFest.
They can bring their favorite shootin' irons and we'll bring extra hot dogs!

Like the sign says everybody's welcome. . .



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I'm already here. There are alot of the guys that are in the border counties, Gaston, Mecklemburg, ect. I myself am in Gaston.


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Hey guys we relaunched

Check out and feel free to join. Frost you can repost your invite in the Gen discussion as well.

I hope you enjoy the new format...simple, family friendly but free free to express your opinion.


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I tried to register, but can't seem to get past the copy these letters.. no matter what i do It won't work...Please advise?????


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Jim I removed your Email address for your personal security it is not a good idea to post it on a public forum.

Also we are not affiliated with Carolina Gun Talk, My suggestion would be to try to contact TRguy via private message or see if there is a support contact on their website.