Carolina Custom Rifles, LLC in Batesburg, SC

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So I couldnt get my rem 700 in 6mm Rem to shoot a tight group better than 1.5" at 100 yards. Different smiths said the barrel was prob burned out so I sent it off to Carolina Custom Rifles, LLC today. David Amick is the owner in Batesburg, SC and he is going to blue print the action, accurize and lap the lugs and rebarrel it with a Lilja 24" SS Fluted barrel in .308 Win. Then skim bed my HS precision stock.

He says he should be able to get 1/2" at 100 yards. I cant wait to get it back and post some pics of the gun and targets.

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I will keep you updated. He charged me 880 to do everything. It would have normally been 780 but I paid an extra 100 to have him thread the muzzel for my Suppressor.

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Got my rifle back yesterday. David broke the barrel in some and got .568" groups at best and 5/8" at worst for the day. I am very pleased with his work and would recommend him to others.

I decided to paint the barreled action and the scope with titanium duracoat today. Turned out looking more like matte stainless but I'm still happy with it.






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Be sure to let us know what weekend you are going.
Some of us may show up torment err uhh I mean offer moral support while you are zeroing the scope. :lol:

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I made it out to the range today. Wonderful 75 degrees with a light breeze. As I said before. The gunsmith ran about 20 rounds throught the new barrel so I finished the break-in today cleaning every three rounds with Hoppes #9 and sweets 7.62 copper solvent.

I had a box of federal 168 SMK's that I shot at 100yards and then I shot some Hornady 178 BTHP Match and then four rounds of 7.62 Military match Lake city M852's at 100 and 200 yards. The 852's shot better than the Hornadys.

Everything was shot off of a Caldwell lead sled.

Needless to say I am very disappointed in my Gun as I now have about $1700 invested and the best group of the day was 1.190" at 100 yards. My buddy was sitting right next to me with a stock rem 700 from Dicks with $460 invested he was shooting 7/8" groups with fricking core-locks.

I hope I can do better with handloads or this thing is going on Gunbroker soon.

Pic#1 was Fed 168 at 100 yds.

Pic #2 was Fed 168 at 100 yds

Pic #3 was Hornady 178 Match at 100 yds.

Pic #4 was 7.62 Military Match M852's at 200 yds

Pic #5 was Hornady 178 Match at 200 yds

So whats your thoughts???

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Don't give up on it yet, give it a good break in period first. Put some more through it and then work on some handloads. It wasn't all that bad for your first shots with a brand new system.

I'm sure you're going to get it tweaked in nicely. ;)

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I spoke to the gunsmith tonight while I was trick or treating with my kids and he told me my satisfaction is what he wants so he told me to reload some rounds over the next few weeks and see if I can hone in a good shooting round. He said if it doesn't work out bring it back and he would build me one from scratch if need be to make sure I'm happy. Atleast he is willing to work with me.


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Midnight Raver said:
Don't give up on it yet, give it a good break in period first. Put some more through it and then work on some handloads. It wasn't all that bad for your first shots with a brand new system.

I agree that handloads will improve the result.

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I gave my rifle to a good customer who has been reloading for 40+ years. He has forgotten more than I know so I figured I would let him test all the powders before I took it back to the gunsmith. He tried some different loads including H4895, IMR 4064, Varget, Reloader 15, and Accurate 2520......He told me that he had good results with all powders except the reloader 15. He said he couldnt get that one to stay on the paper. Accurate 2520 won the challange today with a five shot group covering with a dime. He said if it came down to a close second it would be H4895. He said he doesnt think there is anything wrong with my rifle. Just needed some good handloads.

Pic was 5 shots at 100 yards with accurate 2520 43-Grains with Federal GM Primers and COAL 2.800"