Call to all PSF Sponsors


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This is a call to all PSF sponsors and dealer members. Please post your sales and great prices in the Price Watch section of the forum. I am interested to see who among you follows the forum closely enough to catch this. Several members have expressed a desire to keep it in the family, so let us all see what you've got.

HHB Guns

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If you ever want to know what I have on consignment just click the below link and in the SEARCH BY SELLER BLOCK TYPE "HHB Guns"

Other than that...To celebrate my Military retirement last Thursday I am doing something special for those who Serve/Served ..If you currently have a Military ID (Active, Reserve, Retired) I am doing transfers for $5 for any order placed before Feb 15th....

Class 3 sales has been crazy. I am selling all over the state. You only have to come to the shop once when you pick up months from now. I can do everything else over the phone/mail. Shoot me an email if you have been debating buying class 3 and let me give you an awesome quote! Just to give you an Idea...A** Price for a TAC65 .22LR Suppressor $369 + My price OTD for the same thing is $260. The sad part is people buy them daily from them. I will never understand it.