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I was reading the thread on Mosin Nagants, and thought I'd start another as to not hijack that one.

I have wanted a Mosin for a while, tried to pick up a couple when they came up for sale, but it never worked out. Main question is how do you know how to buy one? I mean, I know nothing about milsurp rifles, but I love the idea of picking up a rifle for a hundred or so bucks that has inexpensive ammo and a lot of people seem to love to shoot. Where do you go where you can be guaranteed that what you are buying is in working order, is a fair price, and most importantly- Safe. I have just gotten to hate gunshows, and I still can't bring myself to buy online. The ones I saw local seemed pretty expensive relative to the internet pricing.


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I have talked to these guys at the gun shows, and, I have looked at their guns.

I would feel very safe buying from them. They know ther guns. They are about the only people that I know of that check the headspacing on the rifles before thay sell them...

On the Mosin Nagant this is pretty important.

I have a Nagant, and I shoot it...And, I love them...

Where else cn you find a high-powered rifle for $100.00 and 440 rounds of ammo for less than $100.00....and, they sound like a cannon when they go off...and throw a ball of fire for 3 feet...

You will be hooked the first time you fire one...



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Agree with Fordnut!! Because of him and his M44 I had to have one after the last Shootzenfest. Bought mine from AIM Surplus with 880 rounds of ammo (under $300 total). Got a good rifle but had to do a lot of cleaning. Would probably want to buy local if price was reasonable. You can buy the longer 1891/30 model for under $100, the shorter M44 carbine is a little more.


Thanks, I see they are in Greer, so thats easy for me. I will be coming to the next Shootzenfest and maybe I'll have a new toy to bring. $200ish for a rifle and ammo is awesome.
+1 for SCGUNCO. I stopped by the shop and talked to Darrell today and left with a nice 1934 Hex Mosin Everybody is friendly and they have a good selection. If you have questions they can help you. As for what to look for, that's personal preference. I look for a good bore, matching numbers, and prefer Tula marks. If you just want a shooter I guess a good bore and solid stock is all that really matters. Just my 2 cents. James :D

Stan in SC

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Darrell was updated on the upcoming Shootzenfest yesterday.I suggested that he attend it and meet a bunch of you fine forum members.If you go by to see him or call him please mention that you would like to see him at the shoot.

Stan in SC


Looking at a good Mosin 91/30 all depends on what you are wanting to do with it. If you want a shooter, you should be able to find a decent one for around $100. The serial numbers won't be matching, or they will be forced matched. Arsenal refurbished weapons typically used parts from guns that could not be repaired and the serial numbers were lined out and the new serial number stamped on. This is a force matched part for identification but does not affect the function of the gun.

Look down the bore. Ask for a bore light from the seller if you do not have one. Remove the bolt by opening the breech and ensure the chamber is empty. If so, pull the trigger and hold it back while you draw the bolt to the rear. It should come out of the gun easily. Now shine the light up the barrel while you look down the other end.

If the barrel is full of cosmoline, ask the seller if he can run a patch or two down the barrel to clean it up some and then inspect it again. Cosmoline is your friend, it has protected this historical gun for the decades of storage until you could hold it in your hands. Look for pitting and rust. If you see a bunch, put it down and pick up another rifle. Minor pitting and rust won't necessarily mean its a bad shooter, but there are so many to choose from, why take the chance.

Look at the rifling. It should be well defined, with sharp edges on the lands. Bulges in the barrel can be difficult to spot but its important to try and detect this. A bulge in the barrel can cause a dangerous failure when firing. That said, I have yet to find one in a mosin. When done inspecting the barrel, put the bolt back in.

Assuming it has passed the barrel examination. Check the bolt function. Grasp the rear knob and pull the trigger, allowing the striker to fall lightly. Rework the bolt and enure it feels smooth. A sticky bolt can be fixed and many of these weapons have sat for 80 years. It will not be silky smooth. If it has a really bad catch, try some others and see if they are better. If you really like this one though, just realize you have some work to do smoothing it out when you get home.

Look at the stock. It should not have nails, glue, cracks, or pieces missing. A true Mosin M91 WILL have brass nails on the top forehand guard. The more common M91/30 will not. Leave the M91 for the collectors.

Mosins are fun, cheap, robust shooters. They are over built and super safe weapons. Historically, they are great conversation pieces. The 91/30's are overly long for hunting and heavy. The M44 has a bayonet which is not allowed when hunting and is also heavy. M38's are hard to find and kick like mules but a good size for hunting.

These rifles tend to grow on you so don't be confused when you look around one day and find three or four in your closet.


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WOW - thanks for the plug(s) guys! Yes, Mosin Nagants are are probably the best bang for the buck that you can find anymore. I mean you can't even buy a .22 @ Wally-World for the price of a decent MN!

Stop by the shop when you get a chance and see what we have? We usually have at least 30 MN's of different kinds (mostly m91/30's/m44's/m39's) and we even get in an occasional m38 or m91. We also usually have a couple of k98's & m24/47's on the wall as well (naturally we have a ton of 7.62x54R & 8x57 as well). Lately we've been carrying Walther p1's (w/lifetime warranties), cz82's, pa63's, FEG HiPower clones, p64's, and Nagant pistol (we even have a case of 7.62x38R in stock).

We clean every milsurp we sell. We check the headspace on every milsurp rifle we sell. Even if you have a C&R you need to stop by and hand select your own rifle (seriously). I buy my rifles from the same place(s) that you guys do - but...why take your chances? Stop by and see what I'm talking about.

LOTS of good information posted here on MN's!

- Darrell


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Oh yeah - wouldn't miss it for the world! We're bringing LOTS of MN's & ammo for this show. Some k98's, m39's, m44's..hmmm what else? Hex MN's, m48...Tok's, cz82, Nagant revolver (and ammo), p64's, pa63's, etc.

TONS of ammo this weekend. We're also introducing our own version of the Russian battlepack:

30 rounds of 7.62x54R on 6 stripper clips (rounds per stripper clip) with a free ammo pouch: $14.95. That's something like $8+ off the MSRP of buying the ammo & stripper clips separately (did I mention free ammo pouc)?

I've been 'bad' this week as I bought a Danish m98 6.5x55 target rifle (you may have briefly seen it for sale on AIM's website last week - I think it was up for like an hour). I also bought one of those really cool looking PUMA .22's that look kind of like a PPSh...oh yeah and I bought a used M&P 45 (one of my favorite guns).

I'm working in the shop until 4 and then I go to my 'real' job...see you guys this weekend!


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Who do I talk to to get the "forum discount" lol...... Gonna be there sat afternoon hopefully, looking at/for a mosin and some bulk ammo for it, be sure to check you guys out!


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Shoot man - next time just stop by and introduce yourself & we'll take it from there! We moved some MN's this weekend and a couple of k98's as well so it was a good weekend.

I did buy a MINT all matching 1908 m96 and a beater k31. I may as well hit the range this week, right?


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Right off the top of my head I think she's a post war build and non matching rifle (stock has seen better days). But naturally the bore is mint - still very shootable. I should have some more k31's coming to the shop Tuesday or Wedsneday? I even have headspace gauges in 7.5x55!

Address: 1514 S Hwy 14, Greer SC (we're in the old Saluda River Pet Supply building).

IF I hit the range it will be Belton Gun Club. I live in Greer and it takes me an hour to ge there & 'prolly 1 1/4hrs to get to Philson's? I'm on vacation this week and I'm not really sure about what I'm doing this week - I work 2 jobs so I imagine I may just sleep in a little? Or go visit my sister who just moved to Sumter? Or visit my brother who just moved to TN?

I sub-lease space from James Firearms - so in the event that I'm not in they can help you. They also own Palmetto State Defence (PSD). PSD manufactures AR-15's in Greer - you've got to see them (I bought one). The PSD-15's have hand matched uppers & lowers, 1/7 twist chrome lined barrels, full auto m16 bolts, and 6 position collapsible stocks. Really, really nice rifles. And their custom logo on the side of the rifle w/the Palmetto tree is simply...outstanding! looks like I've ranted long enough!
I'm looking forward to seeing the K-31's you get. They're one of my favorite milsurps. I normally shoot at philson's since it's only twenty minutes from my house.


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Sounds good - stop by anytime! When I lived in Simpsonville I used to hit Philson's all the time - those were the days..

k31 update: I went in today and cleaned up from the gun show - the k31 is all matching w/a mirror bore. I don't know what I was thinking when I posted mismatched?

I have 2 more k31's coming in this week - hopefully by Friday??