Bury a gun and ammo for 15 years


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Nov 12, 2009
Rock Hill, SC
(and be assured everything still works when you dig it up)

I thought this was a pretty interesting article and with the state of the country it might be of interest to others.


Back in the early 1990s the outlook for the nation in general and gun owners in particular seemed rather grim to many people. A few years earlier in 1986, Congress had banned civilians from owning newly manufactured machine guns. There was ever more strident talk of banning semi-automatic weapons or so called assault weapons. Many of us regarded a semi-automatic rifle as the foundation of a home defense battery. Many of us believed that more laws banning ever more types of guns were imminent. About that time I acquired a Ruger Ranch Rifle through a private sale. I decided to stash it away in a safe place just in case my worst fear was to materialize, another gun ban.

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Sep 26, 2009
This thing would have lasted for 100 or more years if he had not dug it up!
I wonder if the oils he packed it in would effect the wood parts in an adverse way.
An all polymer gun would not have this problem., but then polymers, being oil products themselves, may have problems with long term exposure to oil and preservatives.
Natural waxes will work well, but if the seal ever opens they will eventuall dry out and shrink away from the surfaces, crack open, and expose the metal. The seal then becomes the most important part of the equation.

Mossberg makes a 12 ga with a pistol grip that comes in a PVC container.

Mossberg JIC (Just In Case)

I have wondered at times if generations in the future will find all kinds of stuff burried in the ground. We don't mummify our dead, but the long term storage of information, tools, materials like guns and ammo, etc. It makes me wonder what they'll find.

Time capsules will be all over the place. Of course they will have to decide if they will believe what they find or what "history" hands down to them.

The furure of archeology may be a fascinating field.